Post Die Attach / Wire Bond Vision Inspection

Automated Post Die Attach and Wire Bond Machine Vision Inspection System IV E Series

IV E Series

The IV E Series is a reliable and cost effective automated 3rd optical inspection machine for post die attach and post wire bond inspection and measurement.

By combining state-of-the-art vision algorithm, new software structure, and hardware design which is developed by us, it is simpler to maintain and easier to do conversion while improving UPH about 10-20% as compared with IVI; and even though we changed the software structure and vision algorithm, we haven't compromise on zero defect.

The system is available to customize according to user’s requirements.


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• Programmable defect identification module for NG units& leadframe mapping
• High resolution camera/lens with patented lighting optics module
• Advance Vision Inspection software
• User friendly and easy conversion for product changes
• Full automatic PC base machine control
• Solid anti-vibration machine structure

• Dimension: 1,600(W) x 1,200(D) x 2,000(H)mm (lights not included)
• Weight: 450kg

• SECS / GEM Integration
• Barcode Scanner
• Reject Station